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This weekend, I decided to cook steaks on the grill for Father's Day.   But, I didn't want to miss a chance to use the #2 as, I did baked potatoes and corn on the cob in the smoker.  For the potatoes, I seasoned and cooked uncovered for 2 hours at 225, then wrapped in heavy foil for the remaining 2 hours...they were quite done and very good!  For the corn, I soaked in the corn in pulled back husk for an hour, then applied Italian dressing to the corn (found this from another site) and replaced the husk around the corn.  Smoked the corn for 2 hours.    Very tasty and something that I plan to do every time I am thinking of grilling the meat!

Model 2 & 2D - The Middle Kid / Starting the Smoker
« on: February 25, 2013, 06:06:48 PM »
I assume this is normal, but wanted to check with others.  When the temperature starts to warm up in the smoker, I am getting a lot of smoke, and it appears to be a dark gray.  After about 15 minutes, the smoke comes out in puffs, and then it seems like the unit exhales deeply and the smoke comes out from all around the door.  After that, all is well and the smoking process works fine.  Is this normal to have a kind of implosion that blows smoke all around the door seal?

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