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smoked Lamb riblets
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:27:53 AM »
I found these at the local grocery store. not cheap at $6.99 a lb but had to give them a shot. i bought enough to fill a couple racks. I marinated some in a stubbs marinade (the green bottle , don't remember) and the rest I just tried straight. I put killer hoggs rub on one batch, used a killer hoggs on the marinade and also put carribean jerk on another batch. They were all good!  I have not had much lamb but this makes me want to try more. I dont have a picture of when they were done but they basically turned into lamb lollipops as they shrunk back on the bone.  They would be good for appetizers at a party but you wouldn't want a meal on them. you would need a lot and it would cost a good amount.  I think i preferred the marinade on them but i would make them either way if i didn't have the time. Everyone that tried them liked them.

I used cherry once and maple the next. No difference with the wood, just use your favorite. smoked at 250 for 2 hours and they were done! granted they were already cut into strips which probably sped them along.  i broke the rules and checked these a couple times to make sure they were ok. you may need to go longer depending on how many ribs you load in the smoker so be careful.

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