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Introductions / Re: Hello from Sunny Seattle!
« Last post by lcdearman on August 09, 2022, 09:10:52 PM »
Welcome from central TX! Sorry to hear you are having GFCI issues. I got my #2 back in August of 2020 and I have run it on a GFCI that I installed off my garage circuit from the beginning. I never have had an issue. I have since added an external Auber, and I have had no issues with that either.

I hope you can get it resolved quickly...
Introductions / Hello from Sunny Seattle!
« Last post by Nicholas on August 09, 2022, 07:50:06 PM »
Hello, it's Nicholas from Sunny Seattle! Excited to be here!  Ordered my #2D-WiFi with the Bella CSG on Friday and just got it today (Tues.).  Wow talk about fast service!  Some initial thoughts/issues...

:) PROS: Steve (that guy's awesome!), the box-in-box it shipped in (talk about protected!), the super heavy duty smoker build, the Bella (wow does that put out some smoke even on 50%), and folks on these forums who seem very supportive!

:( CONS: After 5 min or so, my 2D would trip the GFCI.  Tried several times with no luck.  Moved to another GFCI outlet on a different circuit and had the same behavior.  Smoker comes on at full power but the GFCI would trip after a couple minutes.  I spoke with Steve and he suggested I try a non-GFCI circuit which I did using 2 long heavy duty extension cords (Steve said that was OK for the test) and that works although the light in my garage workroom which share that circuit are flickering occasionally so that's not a great sign.  I'm doing the initial 4-hr burn in on that non-GFCI circuit.  Hoping something wet in the smoker might dry up during the burn-in and "fix" itself but seems like a real long shot.  [post burn-in update: tried the GFCI outlet again and now they trip immediately so definitely didnít get better.]  I've read lots of posts about electrical things in the smoker to check but most of those are way above my level of understanding.  I'll have an electrician come out and look at the GFCI and look at running a dedicated circuit.

Anyways -- fingers crossed this gets sorted out cuz the family is getting excited for LOTS of smokes!
Introductions / Re: Hi from Idaho
« Last post by Nicholas on August 09, 2022, 06:46:07 PM »
Hi Al -- good to meet you!  I just got a 2D-WiFi and I'm having GFCI issues as well.  Tripped a couple of different GFCI circuits.  Can you please describe the process you used with your tester to diagnose that you had a bleed to ground?  I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to electric work so simpler is better.  :)
Fish / Re: Salmon equilibrium brine
« Last post by Dave in AZ on August 06, 2022, 02:17:40 AM »

Heres my thread on this on another forum with a ton of info abd research and results
Introductions / Re: Hi from Idaho
« Last post by tpcdelisle on August 05, 2022, 09:44:08 AM »
Hi AL from the greater Cincinnati area. Ah, to be in Idaho again.  Love it up there. This is a great group to be in and you are going to love your smoker when all is settled.  Let us know how it goes. 👍
Sausage / Re: Condensation prevention
« Last post by tpcdelisle on August 05, 2022, 09:36:20 AM »
Hey Sarge. I was thinking in lieu of. I would use a drip pan to catch any liquid, although with sausages or jerky, I don't think there should be much. Since the smoker is sealed pretty tight, the pumped in air should exit right out of the top. Using an aquarium pump like the one on the Bella, the air flow would be easy to regulate. I have an extra pump from my Smoke Daddy that I can try. I'll just stick the air line in the drain hole, seal around it with some tape and see how she works. Just a kooky idea.  👍
Introductions / Re: Hi from Idaho
« Last post by OldeSmoker on August 04, 2022, 02:28:23 PM »
Welcome Al from SW Missouri. Iím sure you will have many years of great smokes from your new #2.
Sausage / Re: Condensation prevention
« Last post by old sarge on August 03, 2022, 09:25:07 PM »
Would that be in lieu of or in addition of the James Jerky Dryer?  Just curious!
Sausage / Condensation prevention
« Last post by tpcdelisle on August 03, 2022, 08:43:36 PM »
I know this sounds silly, but has anyone tried attaching an air line to the drain of the smoker and use an air pump to blow a bit more air through the smoker to help keep the sausage drier while smoking? Don't make fun of me now........🤔😁😁
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