Author Topic: Help make sense of a type of Salt in an old German Summer Sausage Recipe?  (Read 1781 times)


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I have a few old Summer Sausage recipes that refer to a salt of some type (below are some variations):

Migro Pickel
Mico Pickle
Meikral pickel
Myco Pickle Salt
Freezing Pickle (mico)
1lb box of Mico Pickle

Any ideas of that this is?  I'm assuming it is maybe just Morton Pickling Salt but maybe it was a variation of Tender Quick?
If you heard these terms before and know otherwise let me know!

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I think I found my answer.

Freeze-Em-Pickle or Freeze-Em Pickle by I believe by B. Heller & Co. way back when. appears to still supply it, not sure if same of different from original.

Knowing this I think I'll adjust an use Tender Quick at the appropriate amount based on lbs of meat if I decide to move forward.


Chad from Moorhead, MN
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old sarge

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Sure glad you found your answer.  I was getting nowhere fast.
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Our family has an old German recipe as well and the old guys used to refer to this as Salt Peter, or Freezer Pickle.... which is todays Pink Salt #1 cure.  I have been using it for years now.  It's a Cold Smoking recipe that we really enjoy and tweak with spices for heat and flavors.
Love the old school stuff.  Keeping the tradition going  :)