Author Topic: WSD-1500H-W - Any one using it?  (Read 5202 times)


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WSD-1500H-W - Any one using it?
« on: June 02, 2019, 11:17:55 AM »
I have a #2, considering a PID to help with my sausage cooking time and accuracy.  Looking at the Auber website they have this model listed, seems the added capability over some of the other models is the wifi and the addition of a 3rd probe. 

I couldn't seem to find a lot of reviews, just wondering if anyone is using the app, and if it is worth it? 




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Re: WSD-1500H-W - Any one using it?
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 04:33:43 PM »
I used the #2 for over two years and now use the 3DW.  If I were starting over from scratch, I'd get the #3 as I don't have a particular need for the PID.  However, if I were getting the PID again I'd definitely get the Wifi model.

Why analog over digital:  Less to go wrong; ease of use - You just set it and forget it.  You don't program it so you don't mess up the program.  A probe failure isn't going to cause a smoke failure.  It just works.  I haven't had a case yet where I feel the PID was required or where it resulted in a better product.  That's not to say such cases don't exist... they're just not my use cases and I've covered a lot of ground.

Why Wifi:  Auber doesn't know how to write user interface code.  At all.  You can find another post of mine where I'm highly critical of the Wifi phone app.  Despite its failings, it still makes it easy (relative statement) to see and modify the full program from the convenience of your phone or tablet in the comfort of your home.  I think I'd bludgeon the PID with a hammer and buy a rheostat replacement if I had to program the stupid thing from the unit itself.  This would be doubly true if I were doing it in unpleasant weather conditions.  For the record, I'm a professional computer geek who has been writing software for decades.  Auber should be embarrassed and ashamed of what they've released to the public.
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