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Title: Ideas to Protect your faceplate from wear!
Post by: bartjoebob on August 16, 2021, 08:51:01 PM
Thought I'd share a couple tips I discovered to protect the temperature control face plates from getting worn out.  Did this while replacing mine.  My original idea while a little elaborate is bulletproof:   

Method #1  / Original Idea... laminate the faceplate using automotive paint protection film.  You can buy small strips of this on amazon.  Some are even self healing so if they get scuffed, the scratch will disappear in the sun.  There are tons of videos on how to apply PPF and it works very well with this application especially if you have a new face plate not yet on the unit.  This will completely prevent any of of the lettering or graphics from scratching or chipping.  It could still be applied to a plate on the unit too.

2) Method #2:  so simple I almost fell over... grab a 1/4" inside diameter by 3/8" outside diameter stainless steel washer or two and shim your knob!  ;D ;D  I know that sounds ridiculous to say out loud but its so easy.  Remove the control knob and place 1 or two washers over the temperature control knob's post, reinsert the knob.  It simply raises the knob so it wont contact with the face plate (see attached image).  I also added a garden hose rubber washer under the knob for some extra water barrier. 

Simple, effective solutions for a brand new unit or when replacing a worn out faceplate!
Title: Re: Ideas to Protect your faceplate from wear!
Post by: old sarge on August 16, 2021, 09:19:43 PM
A GREAT tip.  Thanks for sharing!