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5D pro wifi connection
« on: February 11, 2024, 06:21:43 PM »
I am new to Smoking It. My new 5Dwifi is having some connection issues I think. The blue light did work fine, it is not working at all now, they all features on my app are working. I have tried to reset, but even then the light does not blink. It does seem to connect though.
I have tried deleting the cooker,
deleting the app,
tried resetting the wifi connection, no visual response at all, ie light does not blink.
When I try to reconnect,
I reinstall the app, search for cooker, it shows up as a connection, put in the password and it connects? it shows up on my iPhone, I have control of the smoker, I can adjust any setting and I can export data, yet the blue light never lights up.i can looks at the cooker when I am away from it, 25mi away.
It was showing correctly and a couple of days ago I was doing a long cook, actually fermenting with it, on 80? it went off during the night and when I got up I had an alarm going off. I reprogramed the cook and it started right back up just no blue light. ??????????????????
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