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Auber Instructions / Re: Need Help With Bypass & Switch
« Last post by on Today at 02:23:28 PM »
Hi Flyhigh123! The install went great and works great! If you need me to post any pictures or wiring diagram just let me know. I need to go back through my pictures and my wiring diagram on my phone and print it out, so that I have it with the Unit just in case I ever get rid of it. I went overkill with the 12 gauge high temperature wire that I ordered for way too much money lol. And the cheap heat gun with shrink tubing on each connection. And now my smoker sitting there not getting used lol. I made sure that I calibrated both of the probes and freezing ice water. One of the probes was one degree off. Which that probably wouldn?t make a difference.

Auber Instructions / Re: Need Help With Bypass & Switch
« Last post by flyhigh123 on Today at 12:39:15 PM »

Did your install work? I just ordered and plan to do the same. Looking forward to adding the switch which i doubt i'll hopefully never need.
this is an old thread, but can someone recommend or have a diagram on how to wire the DPDT switch? What wire goes where? Or anyone have a picture of their install?
Introductions / Re: Hello from Northern Michigan
« Last post by swthorpe on Today at 03:50:38 AM »
Welcome from Delaware, Jim!
Introductions / Re: Hello from Northern Michigan
« Last post by old sarge on November 28, 2023, 06:24:16 PM »
Welcome Jim from SE Arizona.  Enjoy the 3Dwifi.
Model 3 & 3D - The Big Brother / Re: Tough casings
« Last post by MFL on November 28, 2023, 12:19:53 PM »
Did you soak your casings? I had one batch of tough casings on my sausage before I started to soak overnight. Since I have changed, excellent luck. I also put a splash of lime juice in the water while soaking. You could have bad casings also. I have had good luck with Butcher Packer & Syracuse Casing.
My new method for temps are 130 deg for 1 hour to dry(no smoke), 150 for 1  hour with smoke & 180 deg (with smoke) until  sausage hits 152 deg. I do not go to 165. I then program smoker to drop to 140 deg if I happen to be missing for a few. Bottom rack does cook faster. This  lets me finish in around 3- 3.5 hours instead of an all day deal. Just be careful you get them off when they hit temps.
Hope this helps.
Introductions / Re: Hello from Northern Michigan
« Last post by Lonzinomaker on November 27, 2023, 10:41:49 PM »
I've done some smoking at 15F with my #3, but never tried to cold smoke at those temps.
BTW- welcome to the forum and I know you'll like your #3DWIFI.
Introductions / Hello from Northern Michigan
« Last post by Jim_MI on November 27, 2023, 09:06:44 PM »
Hi All -

Just ordered a 3DWiFi.  This will be my first electric smoker.

I live close to Lake Michigan and spend a lot of free time kayak fishing; catching mostly lake trout, salmon and cisco whitefish. I have been cold smoking the salmon (lox) and hot smoking or canning whatever other fish  don't get consumed fresh.

Cold smoking with a Smoke Daddy on an uninsulated  propane smoker on a windy winter day is terribly frustrating! I am really looking forward to letting the SI-3DW and Bella automate some of that.

Along those lines ... For those of you who cold smoke in very cold ambient temps, can the Auber PID hold temps in the 70-80F range?  On my gasser, I would initally warm the cabinet by flame, and then babysit it for 8 hrs of smoke, adding bursts of heat or ice to try to control the temp.  I'm hoping that the insulated cabinet and PID makes this a lot easier.

Best to all!

Jerky / Re: What is your favorite jerky recipe?
« Last post by Tomtom on November 21, 2023, 03:55:39 PM »
Thank you so much
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